Brave Little Belgium is a content platform curated by Creative Belgium.
We look at Belgium's top work from an international perspective.
'Why is it brave and typically Belgian?'

our mission statement

100 years ago, they called us brave little belgium.
Or 'these little fuckers.' We had our own ideas.
When they asked us to step in line, we peed on their shoes.
Dangerous. But brave.
That typifies us, Belgians.
So let's be proud of our brave ideas. And show them.
By gathering the best work from hellhole and beyond,
we make the rest pee their pants again.
Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 23/06/2023

Brave Little Belgium the film

Brave Little Belgium is a platform by Creative Belgium that centralizes the most remarkable work made in Belgium. For its branding Mutant™ created what we call “typeegraphy” in reference to the expression that working in such a small market can feel like “pissing in the wind”. It forces you to push harder. The film was shot in front of Knokke’s Grand Casino where each year we celebrate the bravest work made in our little country.

  • Agency: Mutant
  • Creative Director: Odin Saillé, Ruben Van Maldeghem
  • Creatives: Jesse van Gysel, Tom Meijer
  • Production Company: HAMLET Brussels
  • Director: Horace Martins
  • Executive Producers: Ruben Goots, Jason Felstead, Mathias Kerner
  • Producer: Julie Bosteels, Jeroen Berx
  • Post-Producer: Mathias Kerner
  • Director of Photography: Sander Vandenbroucke
  • Editor: Horace Martins
  • Music: Sylvain Gerboud
  • Sound Design: Antoine Busson
  • Color Grader: Horace Martins
  • VFX: Julien Mercier
  • featuring: jens mortier, odin saillé, peter ampe, antoinette ribas
  • Design Director: Frank Schouwaerts
  • Design: Martijn Mertens
  • Motion: Bob Van den Audenaerde
  • Account Director: Innie Tran
  • Account Manager: Loes Daemen