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100 years ago, they called us brave little belgium.
Or 'these little fuckers.' We had our own ideas.
When they asked us to step in line, we peed on their shoes.
Dangerous. But brave.
That typifies us, Belgians.
So let's be proud of our brave ideas. And show them.
By gathering the best work from hellhole and beyond,
we make the rest pee their pants again.
Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 12/06/2024

There Will Be Fate

Jury president’s perspective on La Monnaie in Design.

Whether you’re a designer, strategist or creative, you’re on a relentless quest for fresh ideas, fresh eyes and new angles. Seeking originality and relevance and steering clear of dated trends. This is exactly what we’re looking for as a juror of creative work. Fresh work. Relevant ideas and concepts that will resonate with your audience, making your work just right.

Now, staying relevant is staying in tune with an ever-changing world. A world shaped by emerging technology, cultural shifts and new behaviors. Exciting times.

The elephant in the room: AI. While AI offers new possibilities, its use in output can feel discordant with traditional creative processes. It might feel somewhat awkward as a creative just for the simple fact that many of us spent a whole career making images from scratch, sketching, drawing, art directing, shooting and tinkering away at messages, ideas and visuals.

Devoting most of our time trying to figure out how to evade 'trends'. Opting for AI as a main tool in creative work might feel as jumping on the bandwagon, thus making work that won’t feel fresh, lose relevance and above all feel outdated or superfluous the minute you bring it out in the open.

Unless you do it just right. Timing is crucial; embracing technology requires finesse to ensure cultural resonance.

Eric Leurquin, Design Director at WeWantMore

  • gold, design
  • AGENCY: Base Design
  • BRAND/PRODUCT: La Monnaie/De Munt
  • ACCOUNT: Margaux Doucet, Margaretha Smeets
  • ART DIRECTOR: Aurore Lechien
  • COPYWRITER: Manon Bails, Katerina Mery
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Thierry Brunfaut
  • DESIGNER: Bruce Vansteenwinkel
  • DIGITAL: Delphine Volkaert
  • MOTION DESIGNER: Arthur Dubois, Antoine Barras
  • STRATEGY: Manon Bails