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Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 20/06/2023

Making Sense Through Nonsense

Tim Schoenmaeckers, Executive Creative Director at Dentsu Creative, Jury President of the Creative Belgium Awards 2023:

"To me, there was no question that ’30 Years of Humo’ should win a Grand Prix. There is no Belgian brand that has embraced such a unique voice, so consistently, for that long. Always delivering a smile, on the radio, on TV, on a porn site, or in the magazine itself. Each time with a hilarious, absurd, sometimes totally over-the-top creation.

After judging, I met with some friends over a beer. We started recalling some of Humo’s most iconic campaigns throughout the years. None of those friends are in advertising. But all of them remembered the work. Some of my all time favorites: ‘Humo Liegt’ met Tom Van Dyck, Prank-a-wanker, and about a hundred ‘Die ochtend in de krantenwinkel’ radio commercials.

To this day, those radio commercials are doing a wonderful job bringing that unique Humo personality to life. It’s quite a challenge to keep the same format interesting, relevant, and above all funny, time and time again. And then some more. It speaks to the writing and creative stamina of the brand, agency, and creatives. And of course, of Guy Mortier himself.

Congratulations to Humo. And a big shoutout to Quick and Knack for bringing home gold and silver respectively in the category Long Term. It brings me great pleasure to see brands and agencies form such meaningful, long-term partnerships. Listening to each other, believing in each other, choosing a path and sticking to it. Thank you for setting an example for our industry. And please, keep going."

  • Creative Belgium Awards (2022)
  • Grand Prix, Long Term Creative Brand Platform
  • Agency: mortierbrigade
  • Brand: HUMO
  • Creative Director: Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster, Jens Mortier
  • Art Director: Philippe De Ceuster, and many others
  • Copywriter: Guy Mortier, Jens Mortier, and many others
  • Designer: Vito Latorrata
  • Account: Evelyn Savels, Lise Vanaverbeke
  • Client: Guy Mortier
  • Editor: Jelle Stroo
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY: Het Geluidshuis, Caviar
  • SOCIAL MEDIA: Lisa Smets
  • SOUND: Het Geluidshuis
  • STRATEGY: Vincent D'Halluin