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our mission statement

100 years ago, they called us brave little belgium.
Or 'these little fuckers.' We had our own ideas.
When they asked us to step in line, we peed on their shoes.
Dangerous. But brave.
That typifies us, Belgians.
So let's be proud of our brave ideas. And show them.
By gathering the best work from hellhole and beyond,
we make the rest pee their pants again.
Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 15/07/2022


Laurie Lacourt, Creative Director at FamousGrey, Jury Member of the Creative Belgium Awards 2022: "I don’t think it’s particularly Belgian in its style or concept. It’s just simple and effective. When we saw it, we all had the same response: it’s already been done, hasn’t it? But the simplicity of this idea, which seems like something that a creative came up with off the top of their head, isn’t actually so simple. Its execution, its perfectly arranged music and even its misty sky make it much more complex. We should pay tribute to Mercedes’ unique logo too, because, let’s be honest, we haven’t seen any wind turbines which look like a rearing horse yet. Lastly, I would say that its complex simplicity is what makes it Belgian; that’s part of what Belgium’s all about."

  • Cannes Lions (2022)
  • Bronze, Media
  • Creative Belgium Awards (2021)
  • Grand Prix, Media
  • Silver, Outdoor
  • Agency: Publicis Groupe Belgium & The Netherlands
  • Brand: Mercedes-Benz
  • Creative Director: Eduardo Marques, Bruno Bertelli, Andy Daley, Koenraad Lefever, Mischa Schreuder
  • Art Director: Lennart Schoterman, Mischa Schreuder
  • Copywriter: Richard Bushoff
  • Creative: James Gambrill, Karen Fonteyne
  • Account: Davy Caluwaerts, Axelle Gontier, Frederic Haesendonck, Elodie Straub
  • Client: Florian Bleher