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100 years ago, they called us brave little belgium.
Or 'these little fuckers.' We had our own ideas.
When they asked us to step in line, we peed on their shoes.
Dangerous. But brave.
That typifies us, Belgians.
So let's be proud of our brave ideas. And show them.
By gathering the best work from hellhole and beyond,
we make the rest pee their pants again.
Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 16/09/2022

Little Boy

Going shopping with their kids can bring parents to the brink of exasperation. Not to be outdone by his dad, this little “monster” puts the pack of candy in the shopping cart. After being told to put it back on the shelf, however, the child throws tantrum after tantrum, first tipping out the entire contents of the shelf, then screaming, and subsequently stomping his feet on the supermarket floor. Helplessly, the father stands next to his embarrassing offspring. Had he bothered to use Zazoo condoms, he would not have had to listen in desperation as his kid howls down the store (Lürzer’s Archive).

  • Cannes Lions (2004)
  • Silver lion
  • Creative Belgium Awards (2004)
  • Diamond award
  • Gold award
  • D&AD Awards (2004)
  • Wood Pencil, TV & Cinema Advertising Non-English Language
  • Eurobest (2004)
  • Gold award
  • Agency: Duval Guillaume Antwerp
  • Brand: Zazoo Condoms
  • Art Director: Stijn Gansemans
  • Copywriter: Stef Selfslagh
  • Production Company: Lovo Films
  • Director: Frank Devos
  • Producer: Saskia Verboven, Bert Brulez