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our mission statement

100 years ago, they called us brave little belgium.
Or 'these little fuckers.' We had our own ideas.
When they asked us to step in line, we peed on their shoes.
Dangerous. But brave.
That typifies us, Belgians.
So let's be proud of our brave ideas. And show them.
By gathering the best work from hellhole and beyond,
we make the rest pee their pants again.
Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 16/09/2022

It’s OK

In 2018, Oakley launched a new global campaign, the idea was to encourage dialogue between both professional and everyday athletes - connecting them through the real moments of their journey. The campaign celebrates hard work and sacrifice in a light-hearted way. For the original sound track, the aim was to create a powerful, unique song that ultimately illustrates the passion and obsession that characterises these dedicated professional and everyday athletes. The song was recorded with more than 25+ musicians! It's OK attracted more than 33 million online video views, and thanks to the song's popularity, Oakley released it on Spotify.

  • Cannes Lions (2019)
  • Silver, Film Craft
  • Creative Belgium Awards (2019)
  • Gold, Film
  • D&AD Awards (2019)
  • Graphite Pencil, Sound Design & Use of Music
  • Yellow Pencil, Cinematography
  • Eurobest (2018)
  • Gold, Film Craft
  • BRAND: Oakley
  • MUSIC: Gregory Caron, Hannes De Maeyer
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR(S): Peter Lund, Nicolai Smith
  • DIRECTOR: Michael Lawrence
  • AGENCY PRODUCER: Quentin Bernard
  • DIRECTOR OF PHOTO: Michael Lawrence
  • EDITOR: Nicolas Larrouquere
  • POST PRODUCTION: Thomas Cornet
  • PRODUCTION COMPANY PRODUCER: Olivier Dubocage, Romain Cavagnac