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100 years ago, they called us brave little belgium.
Or 'these little fuckers.' We had our own ideas.
When they asked us to step in line, we peed on their shoes.
Dangerous. But brave.
That typifies us, Belgians.
So let's be proud of our brave ideas. And show them.
By gathering the best work from hellhole and beyond,
we make the rest pee their pants again.
Because the little fuckers are back.

  • 15/07/2022

Cannes Lions 2022


In a maximum security prison in Oudenaarde, Belgium, the first eCycling team for prisoners was launched. Decathlon provided them with clothes and equipment (bikes, trainers, …) to cycle on Zwift, a virtual world where 3 million cyclists race and ride together. Enabling them to ride with people from the outside world for the first time. As anonymous athletes instead of being labeled a prisoner or outcast. The project is ongoing, permanently reconnecting prisoners with society from behind bars.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Grand Prix, PR
  • Grand Prix, Creative Strategy
  • Silver, Creative Strategy
  • Bronze, Entertainment For Sport
  • Bronze, Media
  • Bronze, Brand Experience
  • Agency: BBDO Belgium
  • Brand: Decathlon
  • Creative Director: Jan Dejonghe
  • Creative: Frederik Clarysse, Tom Jacobs
  • Copywriter: Debby De Ridder
  • Designer: Wim Esteban De Dobbeleer, Elena Haniotakis
  • Digital: Lieven Anthonise, Witten Anthonise, Wouter Has
  • Account: Bram De Vidts, Evelyn Savels, Alexander Neesen, Eva De Gendt
  • Client: Julie Nevejan, Michael Dhooge, Thomas Lejeune-Debarre (Decathlon), Leon Van Bon Oudenaarde (Zwift), Heather Loontjens, Pieter Van Caeneghem (Prison)
  • Agency Producer: Loes Fierens, Patricia Van De Kerckhove
  • Director: Sidney Van Wichelen
  • DOP: Virgil Leclercq
  • Editor: Jasper Vanhauwaert, Anton Ceuppens
  • PR Company: Walkie Talkie
  • Production Company: Fledge
  • Production Company Producer: Francis Bosschem
  • Sound: Thomas Houthave, Mathieu Schots


D’Ieteren, the leading Belgian car distributor launched a new private transport service: HUSK. A saturated market difficult to penetrate. So, how could they earn the public's attention instead of buying it? By solving Belgium’s most shameful mobility problem. Due to underfunding from the government, more than 5000 special needs children spend up to 8 hours in a school bus, each day. A national disgrace, from one of the richest countries in the world. Which is why HUSK Presented: Reduce the Ride. An initiative to get Belgian special needs children to school faster, awaiting a structural solution from the government.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Gold, Creative B2B
  • Silver, PR
  • Agency: Happiness Brussels
  • Brand: D’Ieteren/Husk
  • Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson, Katrien Bottez
  • Creative: Isabel Snellen, Marc Richard Vander Heyden
  • Designer: Dries Lauwers
  • Account: Hans Smets, Pascal Kemajou, Lukas Das
  • Client: Jonathan Guzy
  • Agency Producer: Arthur De Wachter, Bart Vande Maele
  • Director: Simon Schuurman
  • Dop: Simon Schuurman
  • Editor: Simon Schuurman
  • Motion Design: Remke Faber, Bart Callaerts
  • Sound: Steven Van Der Perre
  • Strategy: Karen Corrigan, Frans Cuypers


The Brussels Motor Show. The biggest sales driver for cars in Belgium. Every year, it attracts half a million visitors, accounting for 30% of the sales target of a whole year. So when the Brussels Motor Show was canceled, it was a disaster for all major car brands in the market. To reach all these potential buyers, car sales were approached in a whole new way. Every street turned into a showroom and introduced the Volvo Street Configurator, the very first app that recognizes the configuration of any Volvo in the street.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Gold, Creative Commerce
  • Agency: FamousGrey
  • BRAND: Volvo Car Belux
  • Creative Director: Peter Ampe, Laurie Lacourt
  • Creative: Eva De Jonckheere, Catheline Leroy, Yana Gestels, Zoé De Priester, Yarne De Schrijver, Laureen Delbauche, Sarah De Prez
  • Creative Technologist: Paula Helm, Fabio Magalhaes (Hogarth), Gabriela Ruiz, Ivan Cavalheiro, Nicole Citton, Thiago Fredes, Lennon Cardoso, Maureen Souza, Luciano Soares, Ricardo Kertesz
  • Digital: Joachim François
  • Designer: Sacha Lempereur, Pierre Hubin
  • Digital Strategy: Wies Dickens
  • Advertiser/Client: Lolita Swanet, Collin Vermoesen, Eva Loeckx, Joshua Vandeput, Sarah Standaert
  • Agency Producer: Gaelle Haesaert, Lisa Cuypers
  • Account: Olivia Naudts, Matthias Roose, Maxine Heylands, Klaartje Vanmulders
  • Desktop Publisher: Franco Scaramuzza, France Cleves
  • Developer: Arno Vanbiesen, Nele Boets
  • Editor: Gilles Desplanque
  • Photography: Wouter Van Vaerenbergh, Mehdi El Taghdouini, Thomas Switn Sweertvaegher
  • Pr: Déborah De Klerck, Astrid Jacobs
  • Pr Company: Famous Relations
  • Production Company: Hogarth
  • Strategy: Floris Adriaenssens, Wies Dickens
  • Webmaster: Stijn Swinnen


We tend to forget it, but in our cities, there is a lot of beauty. We just need to see it. MINI challenged its drivers to look at the city differently. #SeenfromaMINI was launched, a photography project in which 5 street photographers were sent on the road, with a MINI. They were invited to document the wonderful diversity and cultural richness that surrounds us. The frame of the car window became the frame of a picture. These images became an extensive social campaign, an art exhibition, and an inspiration to look at things differently.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Silver, Industry Craft
  • Agency: TBWA\BELGIUM
  • Brand: MINI
  • Creative Director: Steven Janssens
  • Creative Team: Olaf Meuleman, Johan Van Oeckel , Thomas Thysens
  • Contacts: Stijn Vermeulen, Saschia De Rudder
  • Social Creation: Jonas Van Bael, Ellen Stoffels, Tessa Segers
  • Account team: Philippe Van Eygen, Jolien De Wulf, Anouk van der Wallen
  • Strategy: Laura de Deurwaerder
  • Connection Strategy: Jolien Van Heyste
  • Digital production: Jeroen Govaert & Wannes Vermeulen
  • Production company: MAKE
  • Curator: Wouter Pardaens
  • Producer: Femke Timmers
  • DOP: Robin Stevens
  • Offline & Online: Nabil El Hajjouti
  • Grading: Robin Stevens
  • Sound: Gwenn Nicolay
  • Media Agency: Initiative
  • Photographers: Igor Van De Poel, Ximena Echague, Daniel Osorio, Hakan Simsek, Alexander Daems


July 2021, Belgium experienced the most destructive floods in its history. The damage caused by the deluge was enormous: over 220.000 houses (on a population of 11 million), countless cars, furniture… but also tens of thousands of photos were destroyed. Although these ruined photos do not represent a lot of financial value, their emotional value and the memories linked to these photos, are priceless. So, in sync with its purpose, Canon decided to act by introducing a heartwarming initiative: ReStory. A project aimed to restore all flood damaged photos. Free of charge. Because photos are memories. And memories are too precious to lose when you already lost everything in the floods.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Silver, Direct
  • Agency: Happiness Brussels
  • Brand: Canon
  • Chief Creative Officer: Geoffrey Hantson
  • Creative Director: Katrien Bottez
  • Executive Creative Management: Karen Corrigan
  • Head of Design: Dries Lauwers
  • Designer: Emilie Wauthelet
  • Country Director Benelux: Filip Vandenbempt
  • Account Director: Mattias Vermeire
  • Account Manager: Coline Hercot, Morgane Juget
  • Concept Provider: Thibaut Castaing, Gil Gauniaux
  • Head of Production: Bart Vande Maele
  • Producer: Dominique Turnbull
  • Print Producer: Pascal Delfosse
  • Director/Editor: Simon Schuurman
  • Photographer: Stephane Opdenbosch
  • Psychologist: Lotte Smets
  • Photo-Editor: Antoine Melis, Tom Vandewiele
  • Music: Jaan Hantson
  • Labo: Object care


In Brussels, as everywhere else in Belgium, it rains often, very often. This is one of the reasons why people don’t use their bikes as often. To motivate Brussels residents to always take their bikes, Brussels Mobility transformed a campaign poster into a designer poncho. So now you can bike through the rain in style. Two fashion designers created wearable posters, perfectly sized for outdoor billboards. The billboards covered the most important bicycle lane in Brussels which resulted in the 500 poncho posters being gone in less than two hours.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Bronze, Design
  • Bronze, Outdoor
  • Agency: mortierbrigade
  • Brand: Brussels Mobility
  • Creative Director: Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster, Jens Mortier
  • Copywriter: Nicolas Gaspart
  • Designer: Patrick Downie
  • Account: Hanne Polé, Tuyen Pham
  • Client: Sofie Walschap
  • Art Director: Frédéric Zouag
  • Pr Company: VO Agency
  • Social Media: Emma Poorters, Louis Vielle
  • Strategy: Philippe Gerin


It’s an ‘age-old problem’: you can’t hear a thing when you’re crunching chips while while watching movies or any other content. And as much as it is a first-world problem, not being able to hear audio while eating chips is something we’ve all experienced (and reaching for a laptop’s volume buttons with greasy fingers just creates even more problems). Luckily, Lays came to the rescue with Crispy Subtitles. A Chrome extension to Youtube that automatically activates subtitles every time it detects that you are munching chips. Indeed, ‘crisp-activated subtitle technology’ to allow you to make binge watching a better experience.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Bronze, Entertainment
  • Agency: Happiness Brussels
  • Brand: Lays
  • Creative Director: Geoffrey Hantson, Gregory Titeca, Marc Richard Vander Heyden
  • Creative: Mathias Lemielle, Thomas Cappelle, Nicohlas Stillittano
  • Copywriter: Loan Anh Huynh, Nghia Tran, Dee Verwaetermeulen
  • Designer: Dries Lauwers, Aldjia Bessalah
  • Account: Alan Cerutti, Ngọc Le, Son Nguyen, Giang Ngo
  • Client: Le Thi Yen
  • Agency Producer: Joni Allaert, Bart Vande Maele
  • Data Analyst: Loc Nguyen
  • Developer: Thomas Colliers
  • Motion Design: Remke Faber, Trung Thai Thanh, Truc Mai Hoang Anh, Thuy Pham Vuong Bao
  • Production Company: Bliss Interactive
  • Strategy: Karen Corrigan, Linh Nguyen


From 2022 all Mercedes-Benz’ factories worldwide will obtain their electricity from renewable resources only. To communicate this to the world, an eco-friendly outdoor brand installation was created using one of Europe’s largest wind turbines. By attaching high-powered led lights to the blades, and using eco friendly smoke, the turbine transformed into the iconic Mercedes-Benz star at nightfall. Due to its height of 120 meters and its width of 70 meters, this imposing brand installation illuminated the night sky, could be seen from miles away, and delivered a clear but clean message that Mercedes-Benz were joining forces with the wind.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Bronze, Media
  • AGENCY: Publicis Groupe Belgium & The Netherlands
  • BRAND: Mercedes-Benz
  • Creative Director: Eduardo Marques, Bruno Bertelli, Andy Daley, Koenraad Lefever, Mischa Schreuder
  • Creative: James Gambrill, Karen Fonteyne
  • Copywriter: Richard Bushoff
  • Art Director: Lennart Schoterman, Mischa Schreuder
  • Account: Davy Caluwaerts, Axelle Gontier, Frederic Haesendonck, Elodie Straub
  • Client: Florian Bleher


After having children, mothers struggle to combine work and childcare. This often results in part-time work, making them responsible for the tasks at home as fathers mostly continue to work full-time. And that is one of the biggest reasons for the gender wage gap. In the film ‘The Umbilical Cord’ real former Belgian sport champions share their story and what it means to have to sacrifice the career of your life for the love of your life: your children.

  • CANNES LIONS (2022)
  • Bronze, Film
  • Brand: Zijkant – Equal Pay Day
  • Creative Director: Jens Mortier, Joost Berends, Philippe De Ceuster
  • Creation: Jannis Min-Jou, Thomas De Boeck, Lionel Goldstein, Frédéric Zouag, Nicolas Gaspart
  • Client: Vera Claes, Julie Van Garsse
  • Strategy: Laura Deknock
  • Head of Production: Charlotte Coddens
  • Lead Producer: Margaux Mariens
  • Cross Media Designer: Vito Latorrata
  • Film Production Company:
  • Director: Lionel Goldstein
  • Executive Producer: Eurydice Gysel
  • Producer: Maarten De Sutter
  • DOP: Grimm Vandekerckhove
  • Art Direction: Tanker
  • Editor: Stijn Deconinck
  • Grading: Olivier Ogneux
  • Online: Robin De Praetere
  • Post-Production: Czar
  • Post-Producer: Bieke De Keersmaecker
  • Soundmix: Raygun
  • Music: Poor Mum by Molly Drake © Domino Publishing
  • Radio Production Company: Sonhouse