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  • 12/06/2024

Volvo: Safety Sells

Peter Ampe, CCO of FamousGrey.

Volvo: a big brand with noble values, but locally needing creative impact to compensate for the lack of enormous budgets. 8 years ago, the Swedes found a partner in FamousGrey to make Belgium the second homeland of Volvo.

‘I’m proud of plenty of things in our collaboration’, says Peter Ampe, CCO of FamousGrey. ‘Volvo has made a pretty big shift during our time together. It was always a robust and reliable car, but it has reinvented itself as a brand in the premium segment, where design and high-tech play a big part. We helped them define their values in a more broad way. It shifted from safety for drivers and passengers to safety for the planet. Our creative impact played its part.’ But a long-term collaboration isn’t always sunshine and lollipops. As in any relationship, there are rough patches. ‘Volvo is an international brand’, continues Peter. ‘There’s always a pendulum moving between Benelux and HQ. We’ve known budget cuts. We’ve known times when there was little room for local emphasis, although the brand needed it. This can be frustrating, but at those moments, it helps to have a long-standing relationship and show understanding because you’re in it together. In every phase of the relation, we always keep our unconditional love and ambition for the brand and what it stands for.’

  • gold, long term creative brand platform
  • AGENCY: FamousGrey
  • BRAND/PRODUCT: Volvo Car Belux
  • ACCOUNT: Barbara Van Huis, Olivia Naudts, Matthias Roose, Maxine Heylands
  • ADVERTISER/CLIENT: Jelle Deconinck
  • CREATIVE: Diederick Jeangout, Marc Richard Vander Heyden, Tom Berth, Geert De Rocker, Eva De Jonckheere, Catheline Leroy, Tom Jacobs, Charles-Elie Chauvaux, Vanessa Hendrickx, Antoine Wellens, Yana Gestels, Zoé De Priester
  • CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Peter Ampe, Katrien Bottez
  • DESKTOP PUBLISHER: Franco Scaramuzza
  • DEVELOPER: Arno Van Biesen
  • WEB DESIGNER: Stijn Swinnen